Stuffy or Stale Air?

Bozzelli and Sons offers a variety of dehumidifier services for your home.  Charleston, South Carolina can be known for extreme humidity during the summer months.  And when you are trying to cool your home to combat the high temperatures outside, you might be contributing to the moisture levels inside.  Dehumidifiers are an important tool to manage the humidity level in your home in order to prevent any moisture-related issues.    

Whole-Home Dehumidifier Services

Have you noticed condensation or damp surfaces in your home?   Or maybe you’ve noticed mold growing.  Oftentimes you may feel like your air conditioning system isn’t running properly, especially during the hot summer months.  Being able to control the humidity of your indoor air may allow you to cut down on your air conditioning costs.  We provide complete, whole-home dehumidifier installation and replacement.  

Customized for You

Not every home is the same, nor is your humidity level.  Our trained team of technicians will assess the level of humidity in your home and can make a recommendation based on this information.  We install stand-alone dehumidifiers or ducted dehumidifiers.  We can find you a system that works well for your humidity control needs and make certain that it perfectly integrates into your existing HVAC system.  We can also network your system with wifi thermostats so you can control and monitor remotely from your smartphone.

Better Air Quality

Contact Bozzelli and Sons for quality dehumidifier services in Charleston, SC. We offer new installs, replacements, repair services for your whole house or isolated areas in your home.

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